How to Say Goodbye to Your Cable Company Forever

Cable companies are notorious for raising their prices without warning. People are often suckered in with the low introductory price they are offered and when that price promotion wears out, they can be left owing twice the amount as before. Many people are ditching their cable and choosing television streaming companies. These companies allow people to watch the content they love without the hefty price tag. With this streaming television comparison, people will be able to make a sound decision on which company will be best for them.

These companies provide TV streaming services:

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services but it is limited in some ways. It does not offer any live TV streaming so customers are limited to watching movies and some series, including Netflix originals. The price of this service ranges from around $9 to $14, depending on how many devices will be used at once.

Hulu Plus allows customers to watch a variety of TV shows that become available within twenty-four hours after they air on the big television networks. The basic Hulu service is $8 but includes ads. The ad-free version is $12 a month.

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Amazon Prime instant video is available to Prime subscribers at a rate of $99 a year. Customers can avoid signing up for the full Prime deal and choose the video only option for $8 a month. It is important to note, some videos require a fee to view, even if one has a membership.

CBS All Access is available for about $6 a month and features CBS hits from the past and present. Unfortunately, this service does not offer any live television streaming so sports fans will miss out on their favorite football games.

HBO Now allows people to have access to all of the HBO programming without having to pay a hefty subscription to cable. This subscription costs about $15 a month but it only offers HBO programming.

Many people are choosing VIDGO TV & Movie Streaming because it offers live TV streaming. This streaming service offers some of the big networks like PBS and CBS. They offer a ton of content and a low price.